Excursions and Activities in Jericoacoara

Sports: The excellent winds attract athletes from all over the world to Jericoacoara. It is one of the most exclusive beaches to practice kitesurf and windsurf, as well as other sports that need wind to increase one’s emotions. Windsurf rental equpment is available in Jeri, and there is safe storage for your own personal equipment. These sports can be practiced in the ocean as well as in the Jicoca Lake (Laguna de Jicoca). The ocean offers great waves for those enthusiasts of these sports, and the high dunes are perfect spots for lovers of sandboarding.

Ecoturism: One of the most famous attractions of Ceara is found on the beach of Jericoacoara, It is called Pedra Furada or Pierced Rock, a hard and unending work created by winds, ocean and time. In July, tourists that visit this rock, can observe the sun appearing through the middle of the tunnel of this enormous rock that erosion has sculptured during many years.
The Pedra Furada can ve visited during low tide, walking along Malhada and Pontal beaches. It is a beautiful 3km walk. Along the way, the guides point out to the tourists the other famous rock formations such as la Tartauga and Jacare (the Turtle and the Alligator) And don’t forget stop to take a refreshing plunge in the ocean.

Duna Por do Sol - Jericoacoara - CE

After a day: in the sun enjoying the emotions that one of the most beautiful beaches in the world can offer, it is time to get ready for the night action in Jericoacoara. The program can begin atop the high dune (Duna por do sol) to watch the spectacular sun set into the ocean. Many tourists meet there to see the day end. When night falls over Jericoarcoara, it’s time to choose which type of music you want to listen to, and what you would like to drink and eat. Dancing is top billing. The small bars and establihments that offer parties, please the visiters with all styles and rhythms, the standouts being reggae and forro. Electronic music has it’s space also. It’s worth while to drink a capirinha made of distilled sugar cane juice, lemon, sugar and ice. At the end of the evening, your energy can be recuperated at the Pan de la Madrugada and the Panaderia San Francisco, which open at 3 am to the delight of all night party people.

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Sandboard Jericoacoara
Capoeira em Jericoacoara
Rio Uriú - Jericoacoara
Dunas e Lagoas em Jericoacoara
Passeio de Cavalo - Jeri
Particularidades do Parque Nacional de Jericoacoara

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