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Jericoacoara is one of the best points of Windsurfing & Kitesurfing of the state of Ceara and, perhaps, of Brazil. Fortaleza is known to be a place with much wind, because it receives the trade winds that blow from the African continent, so Jericoacoara really stands out. In the region of Jeri, the coast is parallel to the Equatorial  line, from West to  East, parallel is also the direction of the trade winds, which then pass through Jericoacoara with great force because they do not find the natural barrier formed by the continent in other stretches of the brazilian coastline.

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Nautic Sports: Because of the excellent wind, the windsurf and kite lovers have guaranteed space in Jericoacoara. The beach is considered one of the best to practice this sport. You can do other kinds of sports like the rally and trekking, and other adventure sports. The Capoeira is gaining more and more adherents in the region for calling the attention of the tourists. The Sandboard mania is another area that is gaining in the dunes of Jeri.

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Aloha Kiteschool - Jericoacoara
Fly Wind Kite School - Jericoacoara      
Telefone: Pousada Sitio Phoenix - Preá - Ceará - Brasil
Telefone: Pousada Sitio Phoenix - Preá - Ceará - Brasil
Praia do Preá - Jericoacoara Brasil

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The Preá beach is considered one of the world’s best points for the practice of kite and windsurfing. And not only for the proximity to another recognized destination to surfers: Jericoacoara. In Preá beach the conditions of the wind is even better to Jericoacoara beach. Winds are most constant, the reach the average of 25 knots between July and December (with several days of 40 knots) and the average falls down a little the other months. The direction is side on shore and ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing trainers and beginners.

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