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Frequently asked questions about how to get to Jericoacoara.

The PORTAL JERICOACOARA provides information to directly contact establishments specialized in transfers to Jericoacoara. It’s worth noting that the companies listed on the Jericoacoara Portal are aware and promote a healthy relationship where responsibility, respect, and collaboration are essential for a correct and sustainable interaction within the context of a Brazilian National Park, where nature must always be protected, healthy, and available for every citizen who wishes to explore, interact, and learn from it.

“Despite Jericoacoara being a well-known tourist destination due to its natural attractions, many people still do not know exactly where Jericoacoara is located. Therefore, it’s best to understand this before planning your trip. To begin with, Jericoacoara is a National Park, and the tourist center belongs to the municipality of Jijoca, located 300km from Fortaleza on the west coast of Ceará.”

“It can be private or shared, picking you up anywhere in Fortaleza at a prearranged time with the company. This option is the most comfortable and fastest (via road) at approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes, while other means of transportation take around 6 hours. It’s also possible to take the coastal route, exploring beaches and different landmarks during your journey. In this case, the travel time will be extended by 3 hours or more, depending on the tide schedule. The cost will also increase by at least 30%, depending on the company.”

“The Regional Airport Commander Ariston Pessoa is located on CE 085, just 33 km from Jericoacoara. It facilitates tourism access by significantly reducing the distance from Fortaleza, which takes about four hours by land compared to just 30 minutes by plane. Currently, domestic flights arrive from the Gol and Azul airlines.”

“You can come with your own vehicle or a rental car, and it doesn’t need to be a 4×4. The recently renovated CE-085 road takes you to the town of Jijoca, where you can hire the services of an accredited guide. The guide will either drive your vehicle to the village or you can leave your car in Jijoca and use local transportation to reach the village.”

The company Expresso Guanabara operates the route from Jeri to Fortaleza, and on their website, you can find information about schedules and ticket prices.





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